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Sample Profit And Loss Statement

When you are seeking financing for your small business, it is a good idea to provide your potential lender with financial statements for your business, including a profit and loss statement. This information will help your lender evaluate your loan application. The following form contains information generally tracked in a profit and loss statement.



Total net sales $__________

Costs of sales $__________

Gross profit $__________


Fixed Expenses

Rent $__________

Utilities $__________

Equipment leases $__________

Depreciation $__________

Insurance $__________

License/permits $__________

Loan payments $__________

Miscellaneous $__________

Total Fixed Expenses $__________

Controllable Expenses

Salaries/wages $__________

Payroll expenses $__________

Supplies $__________

Advertising $__________

Dues/subscriptions/fees $__________

Legal and accounting $__________

Repairs/maintenance $__________

Total Controllable Expenses $__________

Total Expenses $__________

Net profit (Loss) $__________

Before taxes $__________

Taxes $__________

Net Profit (Loss) After Taxes $__________

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