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How You Can Build Website Traffic

How to build website traffic is a key consideration for novice as well as advanced online editors.

If you have already built your website, whether it be as simple as putting out a weekly newsletter or a magazine, or you have a complex website built for your customers, you may think that you have already gotten past the hard part. However, as you may soon discover, if you have not already, the hardest question to answer is, "How do I build website traffic?" Here are some tips that you can use to build website traffic and keep a loyal audience.

Build Online Connections

The internet is somewhat of an oxymoron. On the one hand, the internet is a very impersonal place where people can be disguised as much as they wish. On the other, the internet is still very personal. Out of the millions of people that are online, you may have strong connections with only a few hundreds or thousands, but those connections can be quite strong and personal. One of the best ways to increase your loyal audience and increase traffic to your website is to build on those connections. Gather and keep a community of like-minded people that like to discuss similar topics, and then expand from there.

Give your Website Value

One of the key points that you should take from reading this article is that you need to give your website value. Now, this value cannot be to just anyone that comes across your website, but it should instead be targeted at the audience you want to retain. For example, the internet allows website owners to give their reading audience many things that they cannot get in a printed publication. One of these improvements is the ability to search the text of a website in a quick and efficient manner. To build on this and give your website more value, create an easy-to-use, searchable database of the information in your website. In addition, look around the web and find out what kinds of information is already available in your market, then fill in gaps that you think need filling.

As an example, if you are interested in digital SLR cameras, you could build a website that is devoted to a particular favorite camera that you have. You could talk about the various lens combinations that you prefer and the reasons why some lenses work better with your favorite camera versus other lenses. If you can, go to trade shows and try to get inside information from the major players in the digital SLR camera market. If you can provide information to your readers about upcoming products or designs that have yet to hit the market, you could quickly develop a loyal following.

Find Other Websites in Your Market and Promote Your Site Through Them

If you are already pretty involved in your market, you will probably already know the other major players that are online. If not, you should get acquainted with these other sites as quickly as possible. Once you have a strong list, you should try to reach out to the other sites to see if they are willing to allow you to advertise or link from their website to yours. In turn, you could offer to write articles for their website, or to allow them to place links in your website that would link to theirs. You may be able to double your web traffic by simply reaching out and getting other sites to link to yours.

However, as you build website traffic, you should not shun offline ways of promoting your website. For example, if you want to create a digital SLR camera site as described above, you may want to contact various magazines devoted to digital SLR cameras and see if you can place a classified ad in the back of the magazine. In addition, you may be able to get your link placed inside of emails that go out to mailing lists. If you have a great and catchy URL, be sure to put it on all of your business correspondence. If possible, go out and give talks at tradeshows and conventions.

Join an Advertisement Exchange Group

You can also build website traffic by co-promoting with other sites. An advertisement exchange group is a group of websites that all agree to promote each other's sites on their own sites in exchange for having their own site promoted on the other sites. You will trade banner ads with other websites and in return, you will have your own banner ad displayed in various places around the internet. When you join an advertisement exchange group, you can sometimes specify what kinds of sites you want your banner ad displayed on, and you may also be able to specify where banner ads will be displayed on your own site.

Generally, each member of an advertisement exchange group will have to make room for a little more advertisement space than they get in return. The people that run advertisement exchange groups use this extra space to display banner ads from websites that pay for the advertisement space. By selling this ad space, the exchange group covers their overhead and operating expenses. Joining an advertisement exchange group is generally free and they can be found by simple internet searches.

Search Engine Optimization

Perhaps as little as 10 years ago, almost no one knew what the term "SEO" meant. To start with, SEO stands for "Search Engine Optimization," and it basically means trying to get your site higher up in search rankings without having to pay for advertisement space from search engines. Employing sound SEO practices has become a prominent way used to build website traffic. Many websites now hire people that are devoted solely to SEO matters and trying to optimize a website so that it appears higher up in the search rankings for key terms associated with the website.

A good place to start learning about SEO is by reading some of the online treatises on the subject and visiting websites like Google's Webmaster Central.

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