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Small Business Forms & Contracts

Starting and running a small business often involves a staggering number of legal contracts and processes, whether it's a simple invoice for an order (which technically is a contract) or an employment compensation agreement. It's important to get acquainted with the various types of contracts and forms your business may encounter, particularly for those you decide to draft yourself. But remember, contracts are legally enforceable and often benefit from the skilled eye of a trained legal professional. 

This section provides forms and contracts to help small business owners with many aspects of business operation -- including business start-up, employing workers, and managing strategic transactions. Here you will find real-life examples of business contracts and agreements, and templates for your business to follow.

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Entrepreneurs encounter numerous legal forms and contracts in the course of any business venture, including employment contracts, tax returns, and agreements with business partners. While you should be familiar with many of these, certain legal processes may benefit greatly from legal counsel. Find a qualified business and commercial law attorney near you if you need professional help.

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